Hot Yoga Health | 20 Days Yoga Challenge

20 Days Yoga Challenge

Take your Practice to the next level with our 20 days Yoga Challenge

To practice yoga once or twice is a week is good for you. But if you want to see really amazing results and unlock your true potential, then you need to up the ante, at least for a period of time.

Our February Yoga Challenge starts on the 1st February, so get ready, set aside some me time and be prepared to amaze yourself!

Here's the deal with the 2019 February Yoga Challenge:

- Signing up is free. Just place your name on the blackboard in reception and track your progress. For each class completed, put a star on the board

- Benefit from our best value pricing option for one month only. Purchase Unlimited Membership for the month of February Only - No contract. Works out as only £3 per session!

- Commit to practicing at HYH for 20 days in the month of February. It doesn't need to be consecutive days and if you miss a specific day you can practice two or more in one day to catch up

- Although Inferno Hot Pilates is not yoga it still counts as a class - it's all super good for you right?

- Make sure you look after yourself during this 20 days period. Eat well, hydrate well and get enough sleep

- Winner will be selected at random once challenge is complete  

And that's it. So what are you waiting for??