Hot Yoga Health | 8 Week Mindfulness Programme with Carrie Lewis

8 Week Mindfulness Programme with Carrie Lewis


8 Week Mindfulness Programme with Carrie Lewis

Starting Thursday 3rd December - Thursday 28th January 7pm - 8.30pm (excluding Thursday 24th Dec and Thursday 31st Dec)

Through guided meditations, group discussions, individually tailored instructions and home practice, you will learn the essential principles of mindfulness and techniques to build your personal home practice and access the wide-ranging benefits well beyond the course.   

You will receive a full range of resources that will include; a weekly meditation audio file to build your home practice, course work to carry out the weekly assignments and ongoing support from Carrie between the sessions.  

This programme will consist of 8 x 90 minute sessions run over 8 consecutive weeks (excluding Christmas week). All sessions will be delivered via Zoom. 

Participating in an 8-Week Mindfulness programme has been scientifically proven to make measurable changes in the brain. 8 weeks is regarded as the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of increasing levels compassion and an overall sense of wellbeing.  

Expanding a little on some the benefits you will experience: 

- Feel more centred and grounded in the present moment, rather than living in the past or the future.  
- Be more in tune with of your inner experience and the world around you. 
- You will have a more open, resilient and flexible approach to life.  
- Be more skilled in managing your automatic thoughts and emotions.  
- You will have an established daily meditation practice. 
- Cultivate more fulfilling relationships. 
- Have more clarity and focus and greater perspective in your life. 
- Less judgmental and less self-critical.  
- Have gained the practical skills that quickly reset your body and mind to find balance. 
- Feel more creative and inspired to try new things You will be healthier, physically, mentally and emotionally. 
- So many of the benefits come from participating in the live sessions, however the sessions will be recorded, so please don’t worry you will be able to stay on track if there’s one you’re not able to attend.


Group numbers will be limited to ensure we embody the true essence of mindfulness in the time we have.

Programme Investment: £165

Payment plans available (please email

Spaces limited. Early booking advised.