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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Profiles of key staff and instructors.

  • Oriana Shepherd Oriana Shepherd — Tutor
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    Oriana works in an empowering way delivering yoga with compassion & kindness, encouraging exploration of body & mind. Oriana shares Yoga Therapy for stress, anxiety & fatigue management in palliative care, and whilst practising during her pregnancies went on to train & now leads Prenatal Yoga courses in Newport & Cardiff, with a keen interest in meditation & breathwork.

    Her passion is Strala Yoga, where she trained in NYC with world renowned "Yoga Rebel" Tara Stiles at her Strala Studio. "Strala Yoga - No Rules".

    When not Yogin' she's chilling outdoors with the family.

    Joining the Hot Yoga Health Team has been her first experience of Hot Yoga – Love at first sweat!

  • Melissa Benitez Melissa Benitez — Tutor
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    Content forthcoming.

  • Sarah Davies Sarah Davies — Tutor
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    Teaching since 2006, Sarah trained in Los Angeles and has since taught Hot Yoga all over the world, including London,The States, Australia and New Zealand before moving to Penarth to start family life. Sarah is looking forward to sharing her passion of yoga at Hot Yoga Health and allowing you to get the most out of your class and getting your unique body to stretch to the best of its ability. "The best and most important thing about yoga is that everyone can do it! You get to stretch to your own individual ability in to non competitive environment and have fun, stretch & sweat all at the same time!"

  • Dana Whatmore Dana Whatmore — Tutor
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    Always a sporty person, having grown up playing in the Canadian Rockies, Dana came to Bikram Yoga from the gym in 2010. Finding the hot room to be a perfect blend of hard work and mental engagement, she became a dedicated practioner. This lead to teacher training in FierceGrace, (a hybrid of Bikram) in London in 2015 and qualifying to teach Yoga for Teenagers in 2016. Keen to offer you workable cues and modifications, to get the most out of your practice, you’ll find her classes an interesting combination of traditional Hatha styles, set to get you twisting, bending, and balancing your way to a total body and mind workout.

  • Sukina Khan Sukina Khan — Tutor
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    Sukina comes from a background in contemporary dance and came to yoga organically as a complimentary movement practice to dance training.  She has been practising yoga since 2009 with experience of a variety of different yoga styles including; Ashtanga, Yin, Forrest Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Acro Yoga, and Somatic Approach to Yoga.  She has been a Vipassana student and continues to study meditation, pranayama, and kriya under the guidance of an experienced teacher. 

    Sukina views yoga as an embodied inquiry and believes in its transformational capacity to restore balance and unify mind-body-spirit.  She teaches in a supportive and applied manner providing physical hands-on adjustments in her classes and is due to undertake Thai Yoga Massage training to further inform her approach.     

    Alongside teaching yoga, Sukina is completing a PhD dance study and works as a freelance dance artist.  Her current artistic practice explores contact improvisation and somatic movement practice. 

  • Suzie Latham Suzie Latham — Studio Manager
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    I was a little nervous when I arrived for my first session. New place, new people, new type of fitness class. “I won’t know what to do, everyone will be fitter , thinner than me, what if I can't handle the heat and I’m sick in the studio!” These fears quickly disappeared as I was greeted by the friendly staff and fellow members at Bikram Bristol. The teacher answered any concerns I had, explaining “your first goal today is to just stay in the room. Take a break when you need one. This is just the beginning of your practise. Take it easy.” Lying down on the mat, feeling the intensity of the heat, I was thinking “what am I doing? Just lying in this heat is tough!”

    But I loved it. I loved the continual instruction, it made me feel safe and supported. The heat was intense. I felt nauseous, like I might faint. I spent most of the session sat on the mat. But after the initial feeling of total exhaustion and overwhelming heat, something in me wanted to go back. After my second session, where I managed to do most of the postures, I was hooked.

    One year on, after practising twice a week, I persuaded my sister Louise to come along and join me, and hey-ho another Latham hooked. It wasn’t long before we managed to persuade our dad to join us.