Hot Yoga Health | Are you a Beginner?

Are you a Beginner?

Welcome to Hot Yoga Health

Looking to achieve the results from yoga that you’ve heard so much about: weight loss, increased mobility, the elimination of aches and pains, but you’re wondering whether hot yoga is beginner-friendly?

The beauty of hot yoga is that it’s ideal for beginners, yet stimulating enough to challenge advanced practitioners. And here's why.

You’ll begin to see results after the very first class
This isn’t one of those infomercials where we promise that you’ll melt off fat if you shake magic dust on your food or stand in place while some apparatus does the work for you. The results aren’t miraculous or instantaneous. They are profound, and you’ll begin to experience them after the very first class.

And you’ll earn them.

Here at Hot Yoga Health, our signature class is the Hot 26. This class involves 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises practiced over the course of 60 or 90 minutes in a heated room. We also practice other forms of yoga - see Class Descriptors

For starters, the heat encourages detoxification. You’ll be dripping in sweat as your body creates a response to the heat that gets all your pores open. The warmth of the room will relax your joints and muscles, allowing you to enjoy a deep, delicious stretch. The feeling after class has to be experienced to be believed. It’s an incredible feeling of satisfaction. Like you’ve just climbed Mount Everest. When you hit the bed that night, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Hot yoga uses entry-level poses
As a beginner, you’re not ready for headstands and complicated twists. We get it. That’s why the Hot 26 sequence is built on 26 beginner-friendly poses. The postures are gentle enough that anyone can do them. Yet, the heat makes them challenging.This makes hot yoga the perfect place to start your practice.

Hot yoga establishes a strong foundation
Repeating the same 26 poses during each class, under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor, helps you to develop a strong foundation. You’ll learn to master each pose by doing it safely and correctly.

You’ll find comfort in the repetitive postures, yet class will never be boring
Knowing exactly what to expect each class provides beginners with a sense of comfort. After a few classes you’ll become more confident in each pose, knowing that with each class you’re getting stronger and more flexible. Still, no two class experiences will be exactly alike for you. There is great variety of movement in the postures. Each posture will feel a little different than it did the time before. So even though the sequence is composed of entry-level of postures, the workout remains compelling. You’ll never be bored.

Your body and mind will love you for it
Runners are taught to warm up their muscles before a run by stretching. Now imagine introducing those muscles to soothing heat and humidity before you stretch. It’s a slice of heaven for work-weary muscles.

The temperature in the room is similar to a soothing, hot shower. Muscles become soft and pliable. The heat and humidity, combined with the compression, extension and flushing of the lungs, intestines and endocrine glands, will do wonders for your body.

This full body, systemic approach to fitness focuses on the health of the whole body. We twist, bend backward and forward, breathe, elevate the heart rate, align the body’s internal organs to ensure proper digestion and create joint integrity. This, in turn, improves the overall function of our bodies.

The challenging practice of hot yoga not only improves the body, it has the power to sharpen the mind. The practice is compelling, requiring discipline, commitment, determination and focus. With continued practice, it increases self-confidence. All of these characteristics help us be our best selves and to thrive in our daily lives. The Hot 26 teaches us to quiet the mind and focus our efforts. To find stillness, even in the midst of sweaty, challenging movement.

If you’re new to yoga and you’d like to experience the profound benefits of hot yoga, sign up for our Introductory Offer - £20 for 20 days unlimited classes. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the practice at an unbelievable price. If you are feeling a little nervous about trying, join one of our Introduction to Hot Yoga Workshops. Here you will experience a gentler, slower paced introduction to the practice and have the opportunity to answer any burning questions you may have. 

Don’t worry about being a beginner. When it comes to hot yoga, we are all beginners. Every single day. Even if we’ve been practicing for years. It’s one of the things we love most about the Hot 26 Sequence.