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Covid Safety with Hot Yoga Health

What’s changed?

Social distancing

Please use the designated markings on the floor of the studio to ensure that people have a safe distance around them. Upon arrival you will be allocated a number depending on where in the room you wish to practice. This number corresponds to a mat position and where to place your minimal belongs. See Mat Map for more information. Government guidelines will also mean that the class sizes will be adjusted to a maximum of 12. Be mindful when standing by and moving past others in the communal area, entering and leaving the studio.

Deep cleaning procedures

We have implemented new and more rigorous cleaning procedures in between classes to keep everyone safe.

Hand sanitising

We have hand sanitisers at the main entrance by the reception area, before you enter the studio, and on the way back out of the studio on the wall. Doors between the entrance and the studio will be kept open to minimise touch points and we’re introducing extra cleaning processes for staff to regularly clean any other contact areas.

Air filtration throughout

Our state of the art ventilation system pulls in fresh, clean air from the outside which is then filtered and pumped into the studio. The air, which is being constantly rotated and replaced, is then extracted to the outside. During non-hot sessions and in-between classes, windows on both sides of the studio and the door will be opened to generate a gentle flow of air through the building.

What hasn’t changed?

Our friendly team of teachers and therapists

Buzzing with enthusiasm and positivity, the team at HYH cannot wait to welcome you all back to the studio again, it’s been a very long few months!

Our unique atmosphere & purpose

The Hot Yoga Health studio has always been a place to relax, unwind, be social with the community and will continue to be regardless of what’s happening on the outside world.

What we need you to do

Honour your bookings

Please only book if you know you are able to attend as the studio will be limited to 12 people per class. We do understand things can happen, so if you know you will need to cancel, please cancel online at least 3 hours before class is due to start to give others the time to prepare and attend class. By booking an in-studio class, you are agreeing for HYH to use your contact details for track and trace purposes, should we ever need to.

Bring your own yoga mat and towel

You must bring your own yoga mat and yoga towel to class. This is the same for any yoga equipment you may need in class such as bricks, blocks, straps, blankets etc. If you don't have your own, professionally laundered yoga mats are available to purchase from our studio at a cost of £8. It’s also really important that everyone uses a standard hot yoga towel that is the size of your mat to provide a safe distance between students. Although we know that the virus cannot be spread be sweat, please make sure your practice area is wiped down before exiting the class.

Arrive on time with minimal possessions

Where possible, please arrive ready so that you can head straight to the hot studio. For the time being the changing rooms will be unavailable to minimise any risk and one toilet will be available for all to use which will be cleaned before and after classes. Please only bring minimal possessions i.e car keys, phone, small bag – these will be kept in an allocated space in the reception area, and as always, the main door will be locked during class.

Wearing a mask

Masks are to be worn upon entering and leaving the studio. Once at your mat you may remove your face covering. It’s your decision if you would like to wear a mask whilst practicing.


If you are feeling unwell or showing flu related symptoms, please stay at home and protect the health of your fellow members and staff at the studio. Should you wish to still gain the health benefits of yoga at home, we’ve created a group of virtual classes that you are more than welcome to tap into.

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