Hot Yoga Health | Hot and Healthy 2020 Intro Offer

Hot and Healthy 2020 Intro Offer

Hot Yoga Health beginners Hot 26 yoga class


Get hot and healthy in 2020! Start the new decade by setting a healthy intention. The Hot 26 yoga series is easy to follow and suitable for all levels of fitness and ability - you don't have to be fit or flexible to get started. 

Our studio is friendly and inclusive, with daily classes led by our tribe of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about sharing their love of yoga with others.

Come and get your sweat on! Experience the far-reaching benefits of hot yoga this January:

A dynamic, full-body workout
Increased energy levels
Boosted immune system
Improved digestion
Glowing skin
Burn calories - up to 450 per hour
Improved posture and flexibility
Support with sporting injuries
Ease stiffening joints - stay limber!
Relaxation - relieves tension in the mind and body
Sense of wellbeing 

£20 for 20 days - BOOK NOW