Hot Yoga Health | Studio Manners

Studio Manners

Studio Reception

Here at Hot Yoga Health we want to create a welcoming space for the community to come and take a break from day to day life.


As you come into the reception area you will notice a number of benches. Please place your shoes on the shelves beneath. The changing rooms and beyond is a barefoot zone. Please consult a member of staff if you have a foot condition. If so, please bring flip flops to wear in the yoga area.


Upon entering reception we want you to leave your day behind so please ensure your mobile phone is switched to silence and is left in the changing rooms or lockers provided.


Once in the main studio, please respect the silence in the yoga room. Whilst waiting outside the studio please be mindful of the students in class by keeping your voice at a respectful level.


We would ask that you do not use perfumes before practicing. In the heated environment with air being blown through the room, the scent distributes and can be a distraction/unpleasant for others. Similarly please do not use spray cans or perfumes in the changing rooms. Thank you.


For the Ladies, we would recommend a sports top with shorts or leggings. Please avoid bikini swimwear, and not underwear. For the Gents, swimming type shorts (with gusset), and a top if preferred. Please leave watches/jewellery in the changing rooms/lockers.


Once the class begins, the reception entrance will be locked so we are unable to accommodate late entries or leaving early. The studio will be open 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after each class.

This is part of our terms and conditions which you will have signed upon Registration.