Hot Yoga Health | Testimonial of the Month

Testimonial of the Month

Introducing Dafydd, one of our students. Here he reflects on his experience of yoga with us:

What was your first yoga class like?

I first attended a "Hot26" hour long session. I was aware that it would be humid and hot, but didn't realise doing exercise in that kind of heat would feel so different (in a good way, as I was able to stretch more easily). I was a little bit self conscious in not knowing all of the poses but the teacher, knowing I'd not been before, was able to help guide me through getting the postures right. It also helped being at the back so I could follow the others in the class.

Why do you practice yoga and how often?

I practice yoga to help deal with lower back pain, strengthen my core, improve flexibility to help with running and cycling, and to keep fit. I try to get to classes around 3 to 4 times a week. How has hot yoga helped you? Doing hot yoga has helped me to stay fit and improve my balance, as well as strengthening my back which I've previously had issues with.

What advice would you give to someone who has never tried hot yoga before?

Give it a go. You'll get used to the heat. There's no expectations for everyone to get picture perfect poses. Just work to your own ability and have fun. Even if you have issues getting the poses right, the teachers will help you modify them to suit your ability and help you get the best out of your practice.