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"Lovey friendly people and such a great workout. I always feel amazing throughout the rest of my day".



"This is wonderful news and can’t wait for my next session on Friday! Always feel very safe at the studio and am grateful for all the extra measures you have put in place".



"These virtual classes have been wonderful in keeping me feel included in the lesson, something that YouTube can't give you. They've been my sanity with all these borough restrictions. Thank you guys x".



"This yoga studio and the community of like minded people who attend are a breath of fresh air! Honestly it has been one of the best things about moving to Newport for me. I was so happy when HYH opened 2 years ago and I've been a regular customer ever since that first class. I love all kinds of yoga but was new to hot yoga. I've found that regularly practicing hot yoga is great for my mental health and sense of wellbeing, my skin AND it's a fantastic full-body workout - all in one hit! I'm addicted :) ".



"Love the yoga, the venue and most importantly the lovely people!"



"Great all round exercise, it's bringing flexibility back to my injured stiff old ankles too. Good instructors, friendly staff, calm atmosphere in a newly refurbished building. Six out of five!"



"Awesome! Very friendly/helpful staff, just what newport needs you should try it you'll catch the bug!"



"Love being part of this yoga community, it’s kept me going through these difficult times, I’m stronger in mind and body".



"Great yoga centre! Lovely passionate staff who are always more than happy to have a chat with you. Definitely recommend Hot Yoga to everyone even if you haven't tried yoga before! Works wonders at defrosting your core in the winter. A great variety of classes and times and it is always spotless in the studio and changing room".



"I really look forward to coming even if it’s only once a week, everyone is so friendly and the warmth of the studio really helps my muscles after running. I feel very relaxed and calm afterwards x"

Gemma Gemma


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